We provide custom exterior solutions, with a personalized approach to each project. We pride ourselves on providing quality code compliant workmanship. Our credentials include full licensing, WSIB and liability insurance which protects our clients, employees and ensures trust.


Everything in your house is interconnected. We believe in supporting and improving the balance of your home through identifying areas of concern and correcting them to today’s building code standards. A harsh Canadian climate, bad architectural design, inadequate roof ventilation and lack of insulation can disrupt the function of your home causing roofing and waterproofing products to break down prematurely. Our mission is to identify these issues, educate the homeowner with a proper solution and provide a written estimate.


The following are the residential roofing options we provide to you.


Asphalt- This always seems to be a very popular choice.  There are a few reasons for this; they are durable, affordable, come in a variety of colors, can be repaired over time and the life span of this shingle tends to last longer because of Canada's cooler climate.